Our leaving present for Dr. James Millen

In April we said goodbye to our postdoc Dr. James Millen who has now joined Prof. Markus Arndt’s group in the Quantum Nanophysics Group. He was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship and will continue to work with levitated nanospheres (as well as other fascinating macroscopic objects!).

James worked in our group for a few years looking at cooling levitated silica nanospheres, which cumulated in the design and implentation of the cavity cooling experiment using a hybrid optical and ion trap. He has also overseen the development of the whispering gallery mode project and has been immensely useful for many other experiments within the whole group. Within his time here, he also collaborated on theorectical work looking at non-linear Brownian dynamics and thermodynamics with Dr. Janet Anders, as well as looking at the theory of cooling and squeezing nanoparticles with Dr. Alessio Serafini.

Everyone at UCL’s Optomechanics group wishes him the best of luck with his fellowship, and we gifted him with an engraving on his first ever ion trap! His website is here and is regularly updated with both research news as well as his public speaking events and lectures.